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Nizoral Ketoconazole Anti-dandruff Shampoo


A fungal  acne fighting shampoo that is designed to treat the root cause of fungal acne on the skin.  It has ketoconazole 1% as the active ingredient to treat any fungal problems of the skin.

Using Nizoral shampoo for acne will go towards relieving any flaking, itching and scaling that comes with dandruff, but when it comes to the face and acne, which is also itchy, scaly, and red from acne, Nizoral combats all of these things, just like it does for the dandruff on someone’s scalp.

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Wash your face with Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo using lukewarm water. Using circular motions, gently massage a generous amount into the affected area. Let the product sit in for 5-10  minutes and then rinse off well ensuring no traces of the shampoo are left.


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